Senin, 09 Juli 2012

[photo] Seungri's Diary Updates from Big Bang Japan Mobile (120707-09)

July 9: I look cool today, right? I had 9 magazine interviews. I talked a lot and did my best to speak Japanese! I got tired a bit.. I'm getting sleepy.. getting sleepy.. getting sleepy zzzzzzzzzzz

July 7: Yesterday I went to visit everyone on set that stars in GTO, a FujiTV drama that’s on every Tuesday at 10PM.

It was weird to look “bad”... so I’m quite sorry about that but I’m really looking forward to it!! Akira-san and Miori-san were both so nice to me T_T

Why are all my friends in Japan so friendly... I want to cry again.

Akira-san, Miori-chan, sorry to keep you waiting, but it’s all good right? Since it’s all for good fun ^^

You have to watch it okay! ON AIR! Remember to check it!

Additional pic from his "Rich Man, Poor Woman" set visit:

Source: (available in Japan only)
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