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[photo] Day 1: D-LITE D'scover Tour @ Budokan Tokyo, Japan (130330)

Venue + Goods:

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Concert :

dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_2 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_3 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_4 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_5 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_6 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_7 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_8 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_9 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_10 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_11 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_12 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_13 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_14 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_15 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_16 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_17 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_18 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_19 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_20 dae_dscovertour_budokan_day1_130330_21


Utautai no Ballad
Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
Zenryoku Shounen
Yasashisa de Afureru You Ni
Aitakute Ima
Yume no Tsubomi
Try Smiling (Useo Bonda)
Dream Come True
Mr. Children
Baby Don’t Cry
Look at Me, Gwisoon

>> In white suit and black pants. with the backlight shining brightly he looks like an angel

>> He’s waving to the crowd and playing with the mic stand. it’s the guitar break asking to sing together

>> Daesung: “Minna-san, arigatou gozaimasu!” (Everyone, thank you!”)

>> He asked VIPs if they remember what songs he sang. And, he listed to them

>> During Try to Smile, photos of Daesung since he debuted were shown

>> Lyrics of “Dream Comes True” were on the screen

>> Gummy MV was played and then she came out

>> Gummy said, “D-LITE is one of the visual in Big Bang,” and the crowd went, “Ehhh???”. Then, she turned to Daesung and said, “Daesung, they disagreed”

>> Gummy drank from D-Light water bottle and giggled. She held it up and said, “I find this interesting. Daesung’s body right?”

>> Gummy asked the crowd to support her mini album and singing another song

>> Daesung was tearing up and his voice wavered during “Baby Don’t Cry”

>> Daesung: “When I prepared for this stage, I was very nervous. How will be the acceptance? I worried about a lot of things.”

>> Daesung went and count one to eight with his fingers for how long he’s been in the industry

>> Daesung asking if VIPs want another hour with him

>> After he introduced the band, dancers, and staffs, ALL of them went to backstage and VIPs chanted “Kang Dae Sung!”

>> After that, a video clip of Daesung promoting his goodies appeared

>> Daesung asked VIPs if they want some more. He said he doesn’t want to because he wants to rest.

>> Daesung also he introduced Seungri who was at the concert

>> Daesung said because the stadium is small, he was able to reach VIPS and then he went marching up the stairs.

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