Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Seung-chan's Diary: "Man of winter Seung-chan" (121031)

I've photographed from this morning.
It's been awhile since I posed for photos, so it was not easy..
www wanna be more nice... wanna be taller... wanna wear makeup more stylish...
Well? ppl don't be satisfied with their current figures cuz everyone has desires~
I cannot but to try harder.... it's raining~ how come. I'm a fine guy but rainy lately?? ㅠㅠ

Next world tour is for the US.
Mileage might be accumulated a lot since I've been to many countries??
There's time difference in the US, so this diary would be late..
I thought something like this before...
There's a 16-hour difference between here and the US, isn't it??

US time is slower than here.. namely here is tomorrow but US is still today??
Then if I go to the US at seriously high speed, I will hit the past?? isn't it possible really??..
I thought like that.. as a time machine for the past or future! is it impossible..?
It would be fun if it is possible~ isn't it?!^^
We came to eat sushi as 5 after shooting!!
This restaurant is fancy!! TOP, who is an expert of sushi, recommended here~
I owe you always. TOP!! who's gonna pay for today??^^

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