Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

[news] Taeyang dan Sohee terpilih sebagai idola yang akan menghabiskan natal sendirian

Big Bang‘s Taeyang and Wonder Girls Sohee each took first place in a ranking that measured which celebrities would most likely be single during the Christmas season.
According to ’K-STAR News‘, Taeyang and Sohee were chosen as the celebrities most likely to be spending Christmas alone.
Taeyang placed 1st in the male category because despite his lovable eye-smile which melts the hearts of his female fans, he is reported to have no experience in dating.
The December 21st episode of ‘K-STAR news’ will also air their rankings of stars who are least likely to be single during Christmas.
Who do you think would be most likely or least likely to be single during Christmas?
Source: MyDaily via Nate

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