Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

[photo] T.O.P shooting for The North Face in Banff, Canada

@real_banff: T.O.P. was very cool-took a pic w me n my niece. Don't know how long he's here.

@real_banff: Shirley the Banff dog blogger, in a North Face photo shoot with Korean pop star T.O.P. at Two Jack lake today!

- Only saw TOP for a bit-seemed very down to earth. Korea has mountains just as beautiful, as they all are.
- Really a nice guy. My dog is very cautious with strangers, but loved TOP!
- Banff, Canada loves Koreans! Come meet the dog (Shirley) hugged by TOP! And we have great Korean BBQ!
- He was very kind and my dog loved him-a tough test to pass.
- TOP knows english, and the dog's breed is a guess 'cause I got her when she was 2. I think blue healer/husky/shepherd.

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