Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

[photo] Big Bang 4th Mini Album Android Application

Price $7.99
1. MUSIC - Enjoy BIGBANG Mini 4 full-length sound source from the phone ! Full-length music listening and downloading (support the shuffle function)

2. ON-AIR -Watching BIGBANG real-time broadcast on SBS Inkigayo

3. MULTIMEDIA -Enjoy BIGBANG album artwork and music videos

4. WITH U -Receive immediate updates from BIGBANG members’ SNS (Social Network Services) applications!

5. HAVE FUN - The only app that you can take a photo with BIGBANG!!Take a snapshot with them! In the photo frame! Also has exciting BIGBANG games! Puzzle game!

Source: Big Bang's 4th Mini Album App via teambigbang
Via: bigbangworld
taken from BBUpdates


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